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CNN’s Cooper to Ahmadinejad: “In America We Have a Free Press”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper can be a little self-righteous at times. Tonight, however, he faced a scumbag who deserved every bit of self-righteous scorn Cooper could dish out. I’m talking, of course, about Mahmoud “If this event happened” Ahmadinejad:

It's a free country, Mahmoud

AHMADINEJAD [After dancing around the question of whether he believes the Holocaust really happened]: Did you get the answer you wanted about the Holocaust?
COOPER: No, I didn’t. But I know my time is limited. It’s a fascinating subject. I think what people in America are…
AHMADINEJAD: Are you asking the questions that are on your mind or questions that are given to you by others?
COOPER: Actually, in America we have a free press, unlike in parts of Iran. I’m asking the questions that I’m interested in, but I know your time is short. Frankly I’d love to talk to you for two hours, but, um…
AHMADINEJAD: Well, given that all the questions are very similar, it speaks for itself.

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Video here.
UPDATE: For the question that no one in the media – including Cooper – seems to be asking Ahmadinejad, check out Joel C. Rosenberg’s piece over on the home page.