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CNN’s Hilary Rosen Defends Alec Baldwin

She tweeted last night:

Final Alec Baldwin pt: I know his heart, he’s not a homophobe. But he sure has created a mess with his big bad mouth.

And Jake Tapper answered with:

.@hilaryr have you ever heard a non-homophobe talk like that?

Exactly. Just because Alec Baldwin lends his support to gay causes, as GLAAD was quick to point out yesterday, his tweets to the Daily Mail reporter were homophobic.

And as an added bonus, Andrew the Placenta Hunter Sullivan thinks Baldwin committed a crime:

This is not just hate speech; it’s a specific call for other people to physically attack a gay man. It’s a call to violence against a specific person, which, last time I checked, was a crime. He’s a pro-gay liberal, so he may get a pass for this. He shouldn’t.

It’s reported that Paula Deen has lost an estimated $12.5 million so far from her use of the n-word; let’s see if anything at all happens to liberal-darling Baldwin.



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