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CNN’s Sniper Video

CNN has posted a video of Iraqi insurgents attacking American forces with sniper fire. I take the point that CNN appears to apply a double standard to showing video of insurgent attacks. Videos that show the full brutality of the terrorists — the Nick Berg beheading, for instance — are suppressed, while videos that portray the insurgency carrying out discriminating attacks on military targets get prominent play. But too much of the criticism aimed at CNN excoriates the network for showing the sniper attacks, period. 

Videos of these attacks are part of the story – they should be reported and shown in the hopes that they educate people about the nature of the enemy and reinforce the public’s desire to see these vicious terrorists defeated. We should make sure that our criticism is aimed at the double standard — the suppression of video that shows the insurgents as the terrorist thugs they really are — rather than the broadcasting of any video of insurgent attacks. To that end, Bob Owens has a great post on the angle CNN should have reported.

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