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In my post about Calvin and Hobbes yesterday, I asked, “Can anyone name a comic strip currently running that even comes close to the daily brilliance of Calvin and Hobbes and the Far Side?” Thanks for all of your e-mails and suggestions. I really enjoyed checking out some of the comics you recommended — Bloom County, Pogo, etc. — which I was not that familiar with. Thanks especially to the reader who directed me to this page, which notes the eerie similarities between a series of Calvin and Hobbes strips from 1993 and the Kerry-Edwards campaign of 2004.
In particular, thank you to those of you who wrote in to point out that I apparently overlooked Chris Muir’s brilliantly witty Day by Day. I left it out because my dissatisfaction with comic strips stemmed from looking at the comics page in the newspaper and never finding anything funny. Although it should be in every newspaper, Day by Day is a Web comic. In his FAQ, Muir says he’s working toward a distribution system for newspapers.
See also: This great Q&A between Dean Esmay and Muir, where he comments on drawing a Web vs. newspaper comic, the Doonesbury comparison, and some of his favorite comic strips.


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