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Continuing the Smear Against McCain

In a post on defending Wesley Clark, Lt. General Robert Gard (steering committee chairman of Vets for Obama) An excerpt:

We must end this glib obeisance to sacrifice and ask deeper questions: is a man who sings “bomb, bomb, bomb … bomb, bomb Iran” a man who understands risks? Is a man who says that we must keep our troops in Iraq until we achieve an ill-defined “victory” really know how to gauge America’s opponents. If we want to hold people accountable, then let’s stand behind my friend Wes Clark — and hold John McCain accountable for what he’s said. 

Okay. So, let’s put our faith in a guy who couldn’t figure out, over 20 years, that his pastor was a knucklehead? 
General Gard ended with this:

Oh, and one more thing: today President Bush signed the GI Bill — which Senator Barack Obama has unstintingly supported. The bill will spend $63 billion over ten years for increased college aid for military service members and veterans who served after September 11, 2001. Good judgment?
John McCain opposed it.

Over to you Senator Obama. Do you question John McCain’s patriotism and judgment becasue he had a different proposal for increasing benefits for veterans?


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