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“Corn Fed”

Michelle Malkin has a good op-ed today (featured on the NRO homepage) on Hillary’s on again, off again Southern accent. But before the vast left wing conspiracy/noise machine kicks into high gear and labels this a vast right wing conspiracy/noise machine hit job, let me highlight one thing most of us have missed regarding twang-gate — Hillary’s been doing this for years. Here’s the very last paragraph of “Election 2004 – How Bush/Cheney ‘04 Won and What You Can Expect in the Future” by Evan Thomas, Eleanor Clift and the Staff of Newsweek (emphasis mine):

Clinton’s wife Hillary is already positioning herself.  At an off-the-record dinner at the Brookings Institution in Washington shortly after the election, she made a forceful case that the Democrats are going to have to listen more closely to the cultural value of the heartland – the revulsion with  Hollywood and the coarsening of pop culture.  At the dinner, a few attendees noted that Hillary’s accent was sounding more and more corn fed, that she seemed to be acting and talking more like the Goldwater-supporting Midwestern girl she once was and less and less like the feminist-activist Yale Law School grad she became.

The 2008 campaign had begun.


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