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Correcting the Correction

The Washington Post has been forced to correct its big hit piece on McCain today.  Here’s their correction:

Correction to This Article

An earlier version of this story about campaign donations that Florida businessman Harry Sargeant III raised for Sen. John McCain, former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton incorrectly identified three individuals as being among the donors Sargeant solicited on behalf of McCain. Those donors — Rite Aid manager Ibrahim Marabeh, and lounge owners Nadia and Shawn Abdalla — wrote checks to Giuliani and Clinton, not McCain. Also, the first name of Faisal Abdullah, a McCain donor, was misspelled in some versions of the story. 

Actually, this is the second correction.  I emailed the first correction to a friend of mine earlier today wondering if this was the answer to some questions being asked by Amanda Carpenter at Townhall.  Here’s the first correction:

Correction to This Article

The first name of McCain donor Faisal Abdullah was misspelled in some versions of this story, including in the print edition of The Washington Post.

I guess the first versions of the hit piece were rough drafts.  Of course, now that the record is corrected, there’s no real story here.
Hot Air and Amanda Carpenter, who was the first to bring this error up, have more.


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