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Corzine Press Conference

“Reality” TV?

Mr. Corzine’s press staff rebuffed requests from reporters who wanted a chance to ask the governor about his recollections of the crash and his plans to return to work.
The administration did, however, accede to suggestions from some of the two dozen camera crews on hand that they relocate the press conference from its originally planned location, a shady spot just outside the hospital entrance. Photographers argued that the shadows and low light might ruin their shots and make Mr. Corzine appear pallid. So the governor’s aides agreed to set up the press conference 30 feet away, where the shade and sun met.
An X was marked on the pavement with duct tape, and one of the governor’s spokesmen, Andrew Poag, sat in a wheelchair to allow the photographers to adjust their camera settings.
Lori Schaffer, the spokeswoman for Cooper University Hospital, made certain that a banner with the hospital’s name and logo was strategically located in the background.
“He can’t wait to get out,” said Anthony Coley, Mr. Corzine’s communications director. “Just like anyone who’s just spent the last two-and-a-half weeks in the hospital.”
About 100 people gathered to watch the event, including hospital employees, visitors and pedestrians; there were some 25 news cameras on hand to record it.

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