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A Couple of Thoughts about that Obama Interview

1. Obama goes out of his way to distinguish between the Israeli people and the Israeli government — “a special bond with the Israeli people” and all that. Translation: “Drop dead, Bibi.” That is something we normally do with hostile regimes; i.e., “We have no ill will toward the long-suffering people of North Korea ….” Also, Obama pointed out that his administration condemned, “in the same terms,” the Palestinian rioters’ attack on a synagogue after having condemned the approval of an apartment building in Jerusalem. A violent assault and a zoning ruling, the same terms. One of these things is not like the other, no?

2. Would like to smack Bret Baier for asking the president of the United States his opinion on a golfer’s sex life. I’m no fan of the presidency’s neo-imperial trappings, but that’s infra dig.


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