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Via LGF, a “staff revolt” at the Daily Star newspaper in the UK led the newspaper’s management to pull a spoof version of the paper — the “Daily Fatwa” — that was set to appear:

The mock-up “Daily Fatwa”, which promised a “Page 3 Burkha Babes Special” and competitions to “Burn a Flag and Win a Corsa” and “Win hooks just like Hamza’s”, was prepared to run as page 6 in Wednesday’s edition of the Daily Star, one of the stable of newspapers owned by publisher Richard Desmond. […]
But shortly before the Star was due to go to press on Tuesday evening, concerned members of the National of Journalists (NUJ) called an emergency meeting in the 9th floor canteen of Desmond’s Northern & Shell building beside the River Thames.
After 25 minutes, the NUJ chapel passed a motion saying that the article was “deliberately offensive” to Muslims. […]
To the surprise of some of the journalists, the newspaper’s management promptly complied, following discussions between the deputy night editor Ben Knowles, the editor Dawn Neesom and the editorial director Paul Ashford.
Desmond and Ashford are understood to have seen proofed versions of the page earlier that evening. A minority of members of staff felt that removing the article went against principles of freedom of speech.

The National Union of Journalists should sound familiar to you — it was last seen accusing the U.S. military of the “callous… murder” of a British journalist.