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Crashing Pajamas’ Party

When it debuted, I was skeptical about CBS News Public Eye, largely because of public comments made by CBS News president Andrew Heyward that seemed to show a lack of seriousness about self-criticism. Of course, we now know that Heyward was on his way out, just hanging around for his 55th birthday when his pension kicked in. Also, Public Eye has acquitted itself well, producing a thorough and honest accounting of the fraudulent Texas Air National Guard story and showing a willingness to take on even the most popular stars in the news division.
This week, Public Eye asked me to be its guest blogger for the “Outside Voices” feature. I think this feature has produced some smart commentary, so I was happy to participate. My entry was called, “Stephen Spruiell Crashes Pajamas’ Party,” which I wrote after attending the launch party of Pajamas Media, now newly named Open Source Media. I’m also posting it below:

At a certain point in all successful revolutions, the rebels find themselves confronted with the question,

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