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For Crying Out Loud

From our “Window on the Week” feature:

We had three new confirmations this week that the worldview of most journalists puts them just to the left of Tim Robbins. On the Hugh Hewitt radio show, former Washington Post reporter Tom Edsall ballparked the ratio of Democrats to Republicans in newsrooms as “15–25 to 1.” At a PBS panel discussion featuring several prominent journalists, Carl Bernstein asked everyone in the room who voted for Bush to raise his hand — and, lo, no one did. Finally, it was reported that Linda Greenhouse, who covers the Supreme Court for the New York Times, gave a speech at Harvard last summer in which she lamented the “sustained assault on women’s reproductive freedom and the hijacking of public policy by religious fundamentalism,” and told the audience that, while attending a Simon and Garfunkel concert, she wept over the death of 1960s radicalism. Cheer up, Linda. You and all your colleagues get to spout leftist blather from the most prestigious posts in American journalism. It’s the rest of us who should be crying.

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