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Cutting Scenes from Bruno

I trust the deleted scenes are not the only scenes in “bad taste”:

Michael Jackson’s death sent producers of Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest comedy “Bruno” into a tailspin Thursday as they scrambled to cut scenes in which the comedian takes more than a few shots at Jackson’s sister, LaToya Jackson, hours before the film’s Los Angeles premiere, AFP reported.

In “Bruno,” Cohen convinces LaToya that he is an Austrian fashion journalist while poking fun at her, but producers felt the joke was in bad taste after hearing of her brother Michael’s death.

In the scene, watched by viewers at previous showings, LaToya Jackson eats sushi off the body of a naked Mexican worker acting as a table. It was missing during Thursday night’s premiere and will not likely be restored before the film opens in the U.S. on July 10.

“Bruno” is a follow-up to Cohen’s smash-hit mockumentary “Borat”, and sees the comic playing a flamboyant, celebrity-obsessed Austrian fashion journalist seeking to become famous in the United States.


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