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From today’s USA Today:

Lieberman, ‘Snakes’ and the seductive mythology of the blogosphere

From last Friday’s

Snakes on a Blog
What SoaP has in common with the liberal netroots.
by Louis Wittig

Kluger gets points off for failing to notice that Wittig beat him to the punch five days ago. But he won me back with this description of the Kos crowd:

The whole thing reminds me of child-rearing. As the parent of any toddler can tell you, the younger the child, the louder the screams for attention — and quite often, the degree of the crisis is in reverse proportion to the decibels of the bellows.

Let the tantrums begin!
UPDATE: What do you know? MB reader Taleena S. e-mails to point out that NRO contributor Peter Suderman made the Ned Lamont = Snakes on a Plane connection a full week before Wittig! My apologies for the slight.  
As someone who’s seen both Ned Lamont and Snakes on a Plane, allow me to add that similarities between the two end with how each was hyped by the blogosphere. If the tables were turned, Samuel L. Jackson would be leading Joe Lieberman in the polls and Ned Lamont would be eaten by a boa constrictor.


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