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Danish Cartoons Like Nazi Depictions

Here’s a video clip of an extraordinary exchange between one of CNN International’s anchors and the Muslim Council of Britain, Abdurahmen Jafar. Skirting around the fact that there has been an “extreme” and “violent” response is naive.

Anchor: It seems that has taken on a life of it’s own. I mean you see in some Palestinian territories, for instance, in Gaza, where Europeans are being told to stay indoors, that they’re at risk. And it’s kind of taken on this dimension, that seems, from the outside, violent.

Apparently, she hasn’t seen these pictures (thanks, Michelle) :

Instead of a thoughtful response, Jafar says the publication of the cartoons is equal to this extremism, and then compares the cartoons’ publication to Hitler’s depictions of the Jews in pre-war Germany.

Jafar: It’s very sorry and it’s very sad that I think extremists on both sides. Muslims are extremely angry, and Europeans are using this to ferment. Both sides we have people. There is no monopoly over evil or hatred. I think this is a very sad time. You would see cartoons exactly like this just before Nazi Hitler arrived, when they depicted Jews and when they depicted rabbis in horendous caricatures.

Video here.

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