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David Brock Sitting 2008 Out?

Obama cuts off the cash to Brock:

Progressive Media USA, the group organized to be the main soft-money advertising vehicle for Democrats in the fall, will dramatically scale back its efforts in deference to the wishes of the party’s presumptive nominee.
“Progressive Media will not be running an independent ad campaign this year,” David Brock, the head of the organization, confirmed in a statement obtained by The Fix this morning.
“Progressive Media was established to be an independent on-going progressive issue advocacy organization,” Brock added. “We were not established for one issue, one candidate or one election cycle. But donors and potential donors are getting clear signals from the Obama camp through the news media and we recognize that reality.”
Those familiar with the group’s decision cast it as largely the result of the stated desire of Sen. Barack Obama’s campaign to not direct funds to outside organizations in hopes of better controlling the Democratic message in the fall. (Note: Ben Smith of Politico first reported this story.) But the group was also struggling to raise the money necessary to be a major force in the presidential race and was riven by internal divisions.
During a gathering of Obama’s national finance committee earlier this month in Indianapolis, it was made clear to these top donors that they should concentrate on raising money for the candidate and not spend their time funding independent organizations of which Progressive Media USA is one.


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