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David Shuster Now Working For Media Matters

A little excerpt from the Washington Post piece on how Media Matters is training liberal wonks to go on television:

On the last day, trainees donned their best clothes to appear at IMG studios, south of Dupont Circle. Pendleton complimented the color of dresses and the sharpness of suits. Brenner wore a powder-blue power tie. His hair was freshly trimmed. As Matthew White, the program assistant, helped him and a handful of other participants mold their very own puttylike “interruptible feedback” earpieces, former MSNBC anchor David Shuster was revealed as the special guest who would now put the participants through a real-world simulation.

You need training to yell over the other person when they’re talking? My four-year-old could teach them that.

I also hope David Shuster explained how using words like “pimped,” as defined at, is not acceptable when talking about Democrats.


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