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D.C. Based Conservative Bloggers Beware

Jim Treacher, a very funny blogger for Tucker Carlson’s new Daily Caller website, was involved in a hit-and-run car accident yesterday – involving the Secret Service. Treacher tweets:

My knee’s broken. I’m staying at my boss Neil’s house. I want to know why the Secret Service hit me, crossing w/ the Walk sign, & drove off.

They didn’t have lights or sirens or anything. They turned right into me, crossing legally, and left me in the street screaming in pain.

I know the Secret Service hit me because the cops said so. Oh, and so did the Secret Service. No apology, though. Yet.

My personal theory is that this was orchestrated by the Chinese government as revenge for Treacher’s recent jihad against the noble and cuddly panda, but that’s just me.

Treacher’s side of the story here.

UPDATE: It’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up. Tucker Carlson tweets:

Kafka Alert: After federal agents ran over our writer Jim Treacher last night, DC police issued him a phony ticket for jaywalking.


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