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That DCCC Ad

The DCCC has just released a new video depicting flag-draped coffins in a “things that are wrong with America” montage that also includes pictures of a nuclear power plant* and high gas prices (message: We oppose nuclear power, yet it’s the GOP’s fault that gas prices are so high).

I find two things about this ad very revealing. First, here again we see the Democrats’ trope the the men and women of the U.S. armed forces are helpless victims of the Bush administration, as opposed to incredible warriors who are committed to winning in Iraq, making America safer and ensuring that the fallen have not died in vain. America should be proud of its heroes; the Democrats see their sacrifice as just one of many things that’s wrong with America, like high gas prices.
Second, a number of left-wing bloggers who are strongly backing Ned Lamont’s campaign to unseat Sen. Joe Lieberman in the Connecticut Democratic primary went nuts over the weekend when the Lieberman campaign ran an ad that depicted a fake bumper sticker in order to make the point that Lamont’s campaign has a single theme: No more Joe.
I wonder what these staunch defenders of purity in political advertising have to say about the fake mug shots of Tom DeLay featured in this latest DCCC video. Something tells me they aren’t going to attack Rahm Emanuel with the same sort of hostile rhetoric they aimed at Lieberman over the weekend.
* UPDATE: Reader Bill M. writes:

I can’t say for certain, but I’m pretty sure that the power plant in the video is coal-fired rather than nuclear. It’s been a few years since I was in the nuclear power business, but of all the power plants that I visited, I don’t remember seeing smoke stacks (the tall skinny things in the vid). On the other hand, cooling towers are fairly common at coal-fired plants.
Since Three Mile Island everyone seems to think that cooling towers mean nuclear. It ain’t necessarily so.

If so, my mistake.
UPDATE II: Lots of readers write that in all likelihood, the Dems didn’t know it wasn’t a nuclear plant (best line: they think electricity “comes from the plug”) or if they did, intended to suggest it anyway. Probably.
Also, Eric V. writes:

I should think it would be good to make it clear that the problem isn’t a photo of flag draped coffins.  It’s that this is included in a list of things that are wrong with America.  It seems to me that the fact America still produces young men and women who believe in this country and the ideals behind it – believe in it enough to shed their blood for her – is one of the things eminently right about America.  They are not sacrificed by Bush.  They sacrifice themselves that others may live free, and that sacrifice of themselves includes time, hardship, separation, low pay, high risk and real pain even before they get to the battlefield where they perform magnificently.

If you really want to show a picture of what’s wrong with this country, show a picture of the Senate chambers.

Truth in advertising.


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