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DCCC Pulls Coffin Ad

Fox News reports that the DCCC has decided to pull an ad that used flag-draped coffins and a phony mug shot of Tom DeLay in a “stuff that’s wrong with America” montage. The ad seemed to suggest that the solution to all these problems is to re-elect Bill Clinton. The ad was pulled after two House Democrats objected:

On Thursday, more than a dozen Republicans, many with military backgrounds, called on DCCC Chairman Rahm Emanuel, D-Ill., to apologize. Democratic Reps. John Spratt of South Carolina and Chet Edwards of Texas asked Emanuel to pull or alter the ad.
“We’re moving to another major effort that we’re highlighting on our Web site,” DCCC spokesman Bill Burton said.

Good. Maybe this time they can avoid offending veterans, doctoring photos and admitting that the best politician in the Democratic party left office six years ago.


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