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Dean Barnett, Meet Dean Barnett

At the Weekly Standard’s Blog, Dean Barnett reviews the Washington Post’s analysis of the Auschwitz flap and takes issue with its rhetorical question:  “But should we not expect more from a Harvard-educated presidential candidate?”  Barnett scoffs: “It’s not often that I rush to defend my dear old alma mater, but Obama received a Harvard education only at the law school . . . . The blame for Obama’s ignorance in [non-legal] areas rightfully rests with the lesser institution where he did his undergrad work, Columbia University.”  Maybe so–but earlier today, discussing the very same subject on the very same blog, Barnett himself wrote:  “You don’t graduate Harvard Law School magna cum laude if you lack an ample supply of intellectual firepower.”  And shouldn’t a law school teach its students to get their facts straight before invoking them?


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