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Debra Saunders on Palin, Gingrich

The conservative columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle has some advice.  “Just go away“:

I wish Sarah Palin would just go away. […] Republicans who want to win back Washington would do well to look for a winner. Not a victim. […]

Speaking of too much drama: I wish Newt Gingrich would just go away, too.

It’s not just his messy personal life and crash-and-burn House speakership. It’s his oral opportunism. One year, Gingrich is sharing a public-service announcement two-shot with Democrat Nancy Pelosi that warns about the dangers of global warming, the next year, he’s attacking “environmental extremism.” The man will say anything to get on TV. He is shameless.

In other news, the Palin-Gingrich fundraiser last week, per Jim Geraghty, will outraise President Obama’s fundraiser tomorrow night by about $11 million. 

Should Palin and Gingrich take the $14 million they raised with them when they “just go away?”


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