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DeLay “Filmmaker” is Professional Left-Wing Activist

When Byron York broke the news that Ronnie Earle had allowed a couple of filmmakers “extraordinary access” to his investigation of Tom DeLay, it got mentioned here and there in the media, but none of the major news orgs thought it might be worth looking into the background of the filmmakers and the nature of their project.
Junkyard Blogger Bryan Preston thought, “You know, why not?” and what he’s come up with is required reading for anyone who wants to understand the nature of the case. Turns out, filmmaker Jim Schermbeck is a professional left-wing activist and anti-business agitator. Here’s Preston’s conclusion:

There’s much more to the story, and I’m still working on it and am aware of another reporter who is as well, but for now just consider: DA Ronnie Earle has allowed this “filmmaker” inside his operation for two years. Earle’s operation has been seeking an indictment of DeLay for that entire time, and grand jury shopped as his first indictment fell apart and deadlines loomed. Now here we are: The first flimsy indictment, which didn’t even allege any specific actual crime had taken place, has fallen apart and that grand jury has dissolved. Grand jury #2 declined to indict. Grand jury #3 indicted, but based on evidence manufactured in Earle’s office. Without that evidence, it’s unlikely grand jury #3 would have indicted DeLay at all.
It’s clear that this isn’t a serious case and will not result in conviction. But it has resulted in a warrant for DeLay’s arrest. Should such an arrest be carried out, Earle’s indictment will result in a grand photo op as DeLay is probably marched in handcuffs, has his mug shot taken and is fingerprinted.
Which brings us back to Schermbeck, the “filmmaker.” What better way to end his anti-DeLay film, The Big Buy, than with that visual of Rep. Tom DeLay, until recently the majority leader in the US House of Representatives, with a number plate tucked under his chin? What better way to cast Republicans, enemies both of Earle and the far left agitator Jim Schermbeck, as corrupt than with that visual? And what better to get that visual than to abuse the power of a district attorney to make sure you have the opportunity to manufacture it?

Every time I write something about how the media are playing a particular Republican scandal for all it’s worth, I get complaints like, “C’mon, you don’t really think the media would pass up the opportunity to expose corruption, Democrat or Republican? The story is just too good.” Well, in this story we have:
1. An indictment with no evidence;

2. A prosecutor cooperating with left-wing hacks to make a propaganda film; and

3. A judge who donated to DeLay’s and his co-defendant’s political opponents but hasn’t recused himself.
Among others. But none of these stories fit into the national news media’s chosen narrative: the DeLay indictment is just one more brick in the wall of GOP corruption.
So if you’re a reporter out there who has a problem with my argument that the media are ignoring these developments for political reasons, then write a story about one of the developments I mentioned above and prove me wrong.


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