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Democrats Steal Yon’s Photo

First Schlock magazine, now this:

A state Democratic Party flier for congressional candidate Darcy Burner (WA 8th) includes an “unauthorized used” photo. This is a nice way of saying they took it and used it. I am sure they hoped the photographer did not have the resources to deal with it being stolen. Sorry, I am an Eastern Washington boy, so we are very blunt on these matters. The photo, by Michael Yon, is a U.S. solider with a dying Iraqi girl in his arms. You can see the flyer here.

“It’s a copyright infringement, it’s a legal matter,” D.C. attorney John Mason told Seattle Times reporter, David Postman.

As person who has made a living from intellectual property almost their whole adult life, including stock photography, I have zero tolerance for copyright infringement. The photo is this man’s property to use as he sees fit and to sell or not sell as he sees fit. End of story.

The national media are giving a lot of attention to “dirty campaign ads.” I’m sure they’ll be right on top of this story. Right?  
UPDATE: Apparently, the matter has been resolved.

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