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Denver’s Police State: Worse than Gitmo

Seriously, the Denver police are more repressive than the guards at Gitmo.  As Greg Pollowitz notes below, carrying urine and feces will be illegal in Denver during the Democratic National Convention.  Protest organizers have been comparing conditions in the Mile High City to America’s detention center at Guantanamo Bay for some time, but in this respect, Denver is actually more oppressive.  As our fearless leader wrote two years ago, after a visit to Guantanamo:  “The guards are splashed routinely with urine and feces.”  And the struggle continues to this day.  The deputy commander of the Joint Task Force—GTMO recently wrote:  “The feces battles never end.  In fact, the latest detainee tactic is to grow their fingernails long, put feces underneath the nails and then try to scratch a guard’s face.”

Between the near-superhuman restraint shown by our soldiers after constant provocation, the health care given to detainees, and now the right to petition a court for release, I question whether any captured enemy combatants in history have been treated as well as we treat ours in the War on Terror.  Democratic convention protesters with an excretory fetish will wish they had the same freedoms as detained terrorists.  Why, the next thing you know, some Denver corrections officer will flush a Noam Chomsky book down the toilet . . .


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