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DeRogatis and R. Kelly

Hey, it’s our old buddy the self-proclaimed “unapologetically old-school feminist” and general Windy City windbag Jim DeRogatis:

CHICAGO (AP) — The judge in the R. Kelly child pornography trial is threatening to issue a warrant for the arrest of a Chicago Sun-Times reporter.
Reporter Jim DeRogatis (day-roh-GAH’-tus) got hold of the sex tape at the heart of the case in 2002. He didn’t appear for a morning hearing regarding his testimony at Kelly’s trial.
An angry Judge Vincent Gaughan (GAWN) told a Sun-Times attorney he’d give him 15 minutes to find something in Illinois law that gives DeRogotis the right to defy an order to appear in court.
Gaughan has rejected arguments that the reporter’s actions should be privileged under the First Amendment and that he shouldn’t have to appear.

AP story here.
Prediction: DeRogatis will hate, hate, hate jail.


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