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Diana Irey More Attractive Than All of WaPo’s Democrats Combined

The Washington Post on Saturday had this article on how Democrats had more attractive candidates than Republicans (literally), and how that might play to their advantage.

The research is unambiguous that Ferrin is right: Attractive politicians have an edge over not-so-attractive ones. The phenomenon is resonating especially this year. By a combination of luck and design, Democrats seem to be fielding an uncommonly high number of uncommonly good-looking candidates.

(Luck and design? Perhaps this is the answer to John Spencer’s Nip/Tuck question regarding Hillary Clinton’s looks.) In any event, this got us at the Media Blog thinking — and Googling. We found Diana Irey, John Murtha’s challenger, and discovered that she is, by far, more attractive than all the Democratic candidates combined.
Diana IreyShe’s running against:
John MurthaI rest my case.

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