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Discussing if the 3AM Text Message Was an Intentional Dig at Hillary

Watching MSNBC, the consensus seems to be that Team Obama did not send the text message out at 3AM as an intentional slap in Hillary’s face — but does it really matter if it’s intentional or not? Whatever the Obama campaign or media spinners say, Hillary supporters are going to see it as disrespectful.

One other thought: Matthews, Olbermann, and Eugene Robinson are talking about how the text message scheme helped to expand Obama’s network. I don’t see how. Those who signed up, I would bet, are either Obamaniacs or people like me who were just curious. All in all, chalk this up to a whole lotta hype and a huge waste of time.
It will be interesting to see how history judges this, as well. If Obama loses, pundits will certainly point to August when McCain surged in the polls. In retrospect, Obama should have had his Veep in place for his big trip to Germany and during his vacation to hit back at all the (frankly, well-placed) criticism he was taking. At the very least, to make it look like someone was “at work” when a major U.S. ally gets invaded.
UPDATE:  Olbermann just compared Obama’s Veep roll-out to a ”Hollywood movie premiere.”  Isn’t that what McCain’s been saying all along?

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