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Disenfranchising Voters in Florida? No.

This is becoming a bigger meme, with Thing Progress, Ed Schutlz, et al. jumping on the “Rick Scott is disenfranchising Democrats” bandwagon. What’s lost in all of this is that it’s a bipartisan purge.

Here’s a Miami Herald piece from May 9 on 2,700 potential non–U.S. citizens who are on the Florida voting rolls:

Of the partial Miami-Dade list given to the Miami Herald, Tampa Bay Times and CBS 4, less than a third of the potential non citizens had voted, going as far back as 1996. About 39 of them are Democrats, 39 Republicans and 26 are independents or third-party voters.

The papers reviewed a small sample, but the hype from the Left in no way matches what’s really happening here.

There have also been roughly 7,000 felons purged from the rolls. Unfortunately for the Dems, felons were three times more likely to be registered as Dems than as Republicans:

With attention focused on Florida’s effort to remove non-citizens from the voter rolls, another procedure continues as well: the purging of convicted felons from the rolls. Under Florida law, a convicted felon loses his or her right to vote and must petition the governor and state Cabinet for the restoration of civil rights, a process that can take up to seven years. 

A Times/Herald analysis of four months’ worth of data from the state Division of Elections shows that 6,934 people were removed from the rolls in the first four months of 2012 following felony convictions, and that Democrats were three times more likely to be removed than Republicans. 

Of that total, 3,550 or 51 percent were registered as Democrats, and 1,206 or 17 percent were registered as Republicans. Another 1,614, or 23 percent, were registered with no party affiliation.

Here’s the racial breakdown of felons removed from the voter database in 2012: Whites accounted for 3,018 or 44 percent, and blacks accounted for 2,956 or 42 percent. Hispanics accounted for 608 or 9 percent.

I’m open to other ideas to clean up the voter rolls, but the Left would rather cry disenfranchisement than help solve the problem, or even acknowledge that a problem exists.

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