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DNC Connection to Trinity United

Otis Moss III, pastor at Obama’s Trinity United Church of Christ, was a featured speaker at a DNC event last year and spoke about the African American church.  Video here.  There was a lot of his gangster rap shtick blaming the corporate media as well as a new mini attack on evangelical mega churches.

According to the video, he’s also on the DNC’s “Faith Advisory Counsel.”
Toward the end, Moss says:

And the Republicans realize something.  They realize, “we really don’t like black people.”  We knew that.  It’s on tape.  “We really don’t like black people.”  (laughter from the DNC audience).
But they realize this, “That if I can get 5% of the African-American community, then it’s enough to destroy the coalition in the Democratic party…”

So much for bringing the country together…

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