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Dog Bites Man: Miami Edition

Apparently, it’s remarkable that the Miami Herald is not going out of business:

The Tribune Company, which owns the Sun-Sentinel, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection at the end of last year. McClatchy, which owns the Miami Herald, has announced three restructuring plans since June, involving more than 4,000 job cuts in all. Last month, the Herald cut 175 jobs and ordered salary reductions.
Despite a letter from the paper’s publisher over the weekend assuring readers and advertisers that the newspaper “remains a strong, stable and vital organization,” some are wondering if Miami would be ready if it went out of business.

Strange that Miami and Los Angeles, two cities practically begging for old-fashioned newspaper coverage of their chaotic urban politics, crime, and communal rivalries, have notably weak papers and, to the extent that I can detect (based on admittedly limited observation), very little in the way of newspaper-reading habits in the general public.

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