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The Donald on the Media and the Markets

Today on the Fox News Channel, Neil Cavuto asked the Donald for his thoughts on Dow 12,000, the media, North Korea and other topics:

The Donald

CAVUTO: Why is that part of the picture not more broadly reported? 
THE DONALD: You’re talking about the economy itself?
THE DONALD: Well the media seems to want to almost kill it because it happens to be a better story (other than folks like yourself, of course). The fact is, it’s a better story if the economy starts going down, and you read so many negative things. I can tell you, I’ve been reading about the real estate industry crashing for the last five years, six years, and it continues to be very vibrant. You see it with sales, you see it with a lot of other things. Now, it may not be quite as good as it was a year ago, or a year and a half ago. but by any other standard it’s a fantastic market.
So, the media loves to have a crash, and then they love to have a comeback, and then they love to have a crash again, you know, because that’s newsworthy and people buy newspapers.

The Donald didn’t stop there. He also weighed in on why he thinks gas prices are low and told Cavuto’s audience that he’s worried about North Korea because “with nuclear, guess what? All bets are off.”
Video here.