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The Downside of Outsourcing: CEO Beaten to Death in India

Layoffs can be hard to take:

Noida, September 23: Over 100 people have been arrested in connection with the violence by a group of retrenched employees in a factory in Noida in which the head of the company was bludgeoned to death.

One hundred thirty-six people were charged with rioting and murder in connection with the killing of the India head of the Italy based company, a senior police official said on Tuesday.

L K Chaudhury, the CEO and Managing Director of Cerlikon-Graziano Transmissions India Pvt Ltd in Udyog Vihar of Greater Noida, was killed yesterday when the agitating workers turned violent and reportedly beat him up after a meeting called to resolve the dispute between them and the management failed.

The incident took place at about 12.30 pm when around 200 dismissed employees barged into the factory premises and allegedly hit Chaudhury on his head with a hammer from behind, Noida police sources said quoting eye-witnesses.

Wonder what these guys would do with a subprime mortgage meltdown.