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Economic Hardship In Hollywood

Financial crisis? What financial crisis? The show must go on!

As hard-working Americans recover from the one of most turbulent weeks in their nation’s economic history, Hollywood’s show-business community is doing its bit to prevent the designer “freebie” market from falling into decline.
In the build-up to Sunday night’s Emmy Awards, business at dozens of gifting-suites – where celebrities are showered with thousands of dollars-worth of luxury goods – has reached an all-time high.
… “The celebrities are already coming to us,” says Ron Basile, who is running the suite at the Nokia Theatre. “In our room, we’re not letting in any of the lower end items. I don’t want the lotions; I don’t want the chocolate roses. I don’t want all the fluff stuff. I want the talent to walk away with something that’s substantial.” Designer brands pay anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000 to have a stall in one of the suites, and must then hand out valuable stock. However the expensive exercise can often result in priceless product placement.