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Ed Schultz Ends His Talk Radio Show

I’m a little late to this, but Ed Schultz has delivered his last radio show. 

Jack Coleman at Newsbusters has the details.

Of note, Randi Rhodes has ended her talk radio show, too. And I thought this was amusing. Her replacement in Santa Fe, New Mexico sounds like a real gem:

When Rhodes left the airwaves, KTRC did some reshuffling of its schedule, moving Thom Hartmann’s show up to Rhodes’ 1-4 p.m. time slot and replacing Hartmann’s 4-7 p.m. slot with a guy named Norman Goldman.

If every place had Santa Fe’s political leanings, Hutton observed, liberal talkers probably wouldn’t be dropping so rapidly.

Hartmann has a following here. Hutton said several listeners were glad that his show is now live on KTRC (which means you’ll probably hear more people from Santa Fe calling in).

This Goldman guy lost me, though. I tuned in a few nights ago, and the first thing I heard was Goldman not comparing the Republican Party to Hitler, but saying the Republican Party is Hitler. Perhaps a lot of profound political dialogue followed that, but I wasn’t listening.

Liberal talk radio is dying, if not dead already. 

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