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Olbermann named me third-worst tonight (that’s all?), apparently because instead of demanding a solid door, as two sources told me he did, he merely demanded blinds to cover a window in the door he had. He denied acting petulant about it (shock! I thought he’d cop to that), and he chastised me for not calling him or MSNBC for comment. For the record, I e-mailed three spokesmen for NBC News and MSNBC multiple times requesting comment for my 3,500-word story on MSNBC (in which Olbermann’s door played but a small role). I heard back from only one, MSNBC spokesman Jeremy Gaines, who offered me a helpful “no comment” and declined to respond to my follow-up.
Of course, I understand that Olbermann has had a rough week. If he needed to take his disappointment out on someone… well, glad to be there for ya, pal.