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Tony Snow on Obama’s plan to invade Pakistan:

Q I gather, Tony, from your answer to Martha that you don’t think very much of Barack Obama’s suggestion, he’d send U.S. troops into Pakistan to take care of those safe havens.
MR. SNOW: Well, let me just say we think that our approach to Pakistan is one that not only respects the sovereignty of Pakistan as a sovereign government, but is also designed to work in a way where we are working in cooperation with the local government. So we think that our policy and our approach is the right one.
Q Would he not be respecting the sovereignty of —
MR. SNOW: I’m not going to comment on Barack Obama’s campaign statements. I’m going to tell you about ours.
Q Tony, is there any difference between what Obama says and Frances Townsend’s assertion that if we had actionable intelligence we’d do the same thing?
MR. SNOW: Well, again, I’ll let you decide whether one is an assertion of simply going across a border — saying we’re going across a border, whether there’s actionable intelligence or not, and our view that we keep all options open if there’s actionable intelligence, which says that we keep the options open. It does not mean that — it does not preclude working with the local government. As a matter of fact, there have been a number of very important cases — look at Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. I mean, that is a case where you had a joint operation with the Pakistanis that yielded a very important result, and there have been a number of those.


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