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A new surge metric courtesy of the WH Press Corps…the number of Iraqis who prank call the US military per month:

Q Tony, you pointed out the tips, the number of tips going from 6,000 to 23,000. What percentage of those are good tips?
MR. SNOW: Don’t know.
Q You have no idea?
MR. SNOW: No, but my guess is that the people are not flooding the hotline with prank calls, but in fact —
Q They have in the past.
MR. SNOW: Well, perhaps. But on the other hand, what you do see is a marked change, as you know, in terms of security situations in a number of places on the ground and in terms not only of confronting and exposing the enemy, but also the arms caches. I will — well, I won’t try to characterize because I don’t know how many were good tips.


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