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Experts Cast Doubt on Reuters Vehicle Strike

Bob Owens invited armored-vehicle experts to weigh in on the photos of a Reuters news van allegedly hit by an IDF missile strike. The verdict?

Something damaged this Reuters armored vehicle, but when and how seems to be very much in doubt.

Allah’s been asking around too. Here’s my question: Why isn’t the Associated Press doing this kind of investigative work? Given the opportunity to catch a major competitor complicit in staging the news, why aren’t they jumping on it?
UPDATE: Greg at Sixers writes in to ask, “I still don’t understand what the issue is if Israel has admitted to shooting the truck.”
From what I understand, Israel has admitted to shooting a truck in that area that had “no clear TV marks” that they could see. There’s probably not much to this, but it’s hard to sqare the photographs of the Reuters van with other photos of cars that have been hit by IDF missiles. I think it’s worth investigating.


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