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Fact-Checking Romney’s Comment: Syria is Iran’s ‘Route to the Sea’

The Left is giddy at Mitt’s latest alleged gaffe, pointing out that Syrian and Iran do not share a border, thus Syria can’t be any sort of “route to the sea.” The Daily Kos posted this handy graphic to make the point:

The Washington Post fact-checked the statement and at least added a source that said Romney’s comments “are more accurate than they first seem” as Iran is building a military base in Syria. And, of course, if Iran wanted to land terrorists into Israel by boat, it’s a shorter trip from Syria to Israel.

But let me further illustrate the Left’s stupidity on this with a little graphic of my own. Here’s a map of U.S. military bases in the region, courtesy of al Jazerra:

As you can see, all of the routes to the sea favored by The Daily Kos military experts are what you might call “blocked” by the U.S. military. If Iran is attacked, their routes to the “sea” will be cut and supply from Syria will be one of their few options.

So, once again, Mitt was right.


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