Media Blog vs. Obama

This is funny. In the ad where Obama accuses McCain of having a campaign run by lobbysists, there are actually no lobbyists in the shot:

An Obama ad features video of McCain walking toward the camera with a group of people in power suits, as the narrator says, “the lobbyists, running his low road campaign.” None of the people pictured are lobbyists, however.
The ad also repeats a misleading claim that McCain favors “billions in tax breaks for big oil and drug companies.” But McCain’s tax policy doesn’t target those industries. He calls for lowering the corporate tax rate for all companies. . . .
The ad features a shot of McCain walking with a serious-looking group of people in power suits as the narrator says, “The lobbyists” – dramatic pause — “running his low road campaign.” But none of the folks pictured are actually lobbyists. Not even former lobbyists. And two of them are Secret Service guys.


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