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Farewell (Sort of)

Please permit me a brief personal note.  Since 2006, I’ve been afforded the incredible honor of contributing to National Review Online.  First at Phi Beta Cons, then here on the Media Blog, NRO has served as an outlet for me to make modest contributions to the national dialogue — and to do so on one of the most respected right-leaning sites on the web. This would not have been possible if not for the breathtaking kindness, trust, and generosity of Rich Lowry, Kathryn Lopez, Kevin Williamson, Ed Craig, Greg Pollowitz, and others.  Thank you all.

For those of you who may have enjoyed some of my writing here, I’d invite you to wander over and check out my new gig as political editor of  I’ll be striving to emulate the indispensable and entertaining work of Jim Geragthy (a tall task, indeed): following the national political scene with a special focus on horse-race politics.  (Also, my radio show will resume in mid-October and will continue airing on AM 560 WIND in Chicago).

Although my new role at Townhall and on-air responsibilities will consume most of my professional energy, Rich has graciously invited me to stay on in a more limited role.  Although my posts will appear in this space far less frequently and on a more haphazard basis, I’m delighted and grateful to remain a tangential member of the NRO team. 


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