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‘Film Crazy Stuff You Do’

Dear Anderson Cooper,

A teenager is now now in a coma in what looks to be an accident related to taping of your show. How do you feel about that?

Anderson Cooper’s new daytime talk show, Anderson, is dealing with its first tragic situation.

After three weeks on television, Gawker reports that a teenager is in a coma after a producer from Anderson allegedly encouraged him to record his behavior for an episode centered on the “teenage mind.”

According to the report, the teenage boy was set to appear during an episode that delved into how the adolescent mind operated. Prior to the scheduled appearance, a producer told the teenager to “film the crazy stuff you do.” The teenager subsequently filmed himself skateboarding and fell, where he suffered a serious injury to the head, and is in a coma, the report states. The episode was never broadcast.

A rep for Anderson confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter on Saturday afternoon that the teenager “had been injured.”

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