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Finally, Some Equal Opportunity Grilling

“The last thing the American people need is bickering over this.”
That was House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on CNN just now. Pelosi is the one that has called President Bush “oblivious” and “in denial” — arguably, she is the highest-ranking finger-pointer in the country right now. CNN’s Kyra Phillips, who was conducting the interview, just couldn’t take the spin anymore. She said, “You don’t think it was politics that got us all to where we are today?”
Pelosi started talking about how we need to move beyond politics. “Let’s form an independent commission…”
Phillips cut her off: “This is pathetic.” She ticked off the list of investigations and commissions that followed 9/11, and noted that none of them appeared to have made a difference when it came to preparedness for Katrina. Phillips said, “How many investigations and commissions do we need?”
A shaken Pelosi said, “Let’s take an objective, non-partisan look at this. We have a great example in the 9/11 commission. I think that’s a perfect model. In fact I think that commission, if available, could serve as a commission on Katrina.”
Oh, that’s a wonderful idea. The 9/11 commission, whose credibility is in tatters after revelations that it suppressed vital details about a military data-mining project that identified Mohamed Atta before the attacks. By all means, bring in that crack squad to do some more finger-pointing.
P.S. I’ll link to the transcript here as soon as it’s up.
UPDATE: Transcript is up. Over at the Corner, Jonah has more Pelosi madness.

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