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The First of Many More Obama Puff Pieces to Come

As soon as Hillary announced she was withdrawing, I braced myself for the inevitable onslaught of Obama puffery from the media. They haven’t disappointed.
And so I’m watching this MSNBC video on “Barack Obama’s ‘Fist Bump’ With Wife Becomes Internet Hit,” and it occurs to me — how did they get such good video with their cameras that far up Obama’s posterior?
Far from even bothering to explain how it’s an “internet hit” or why that’s at all significant, MSNBC’s only sources for the report are man on the street interviews, and some “pop culture blogger” I’ve never heard of, who calls it “the best moment in romantic politics since Al and Tipper.” He’s really got his finger on the pulse there — as I remember it, Al molesting Tipper on stage at the DNC in 2000 had millions of Americans reaching for an airsickness bag. If anything, it’s the fact that Barack and Michelle’s moment was understated that makes it charming.
But uh, doesn’t MSNBC have like a million more worthy Obama stories they could be reporting on? I can think of a few big ones they should pursue once Keith Olbermann gets off his shift as assignment editor.


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