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Follow-up On O’Reilly’s Hot Air Smear

After O’Reilly’s non-apology, in which he basically demands Hot Air police its comments, Patterico signed up for O’Reilly’s premium site to see what his subscribers are posting in his comments sections.  Some revealing items, although I must admit I don’t fully understand the one about the goat.  Ed posts:

What about it, Bill?  Will you stand by these statements and take responsibility for them?  After all, you have a lot more staff than we do here at Hot Air, and you’re the one setting the standards on national TV.  Either explain these entries on your own site by standing by their content, or feel free to offer the real apology you should have offered us last night.  After all, that’s why you have a comments disclaimer on your site — just as we do on ours.


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