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Freddoso on CNN

Jim caught this on CNN last night:

UPDATE: A moment ago, my NR colleague David Freddoso, author of The Case Against Barack Obama, appeared on CNN. He was followed by Obama surrogate Jamal Simmons, who dodged David Freddoso’s discussion of Obama’s successful effort to get all of his rivals thrown off the ballot in his first race. Simmons said he only saw “a man using means at his disposal to win an election, shocking!” Yes, but we’re constantly told that Obama isn’t just another typical politician; learning Obama is as craven, ambitious, ruthless and no-holds-barred as the rest refutes the centerpiece of his campaign.
Simmons quickly brought up the Paris Hilton stuff, saying “McCain is in a running debate with Paris Hilton” – which, as the jovial Bounds comment above notes, is not accurate.
Then he dismisses Freddoso by saying he is “a typical right wing blogger, National Review, you know, against health care for kids.”

Anyway, an update on the book. Buy it here.
David is currently #12 on Amazon. Nancy Pelosi, just to put it in perspective because she has a new book out, too, is at #1504.
Ben Smith of Politico gives David a good review here, referring to the book as “serious” and “fact-based” and occupying “a small island in the often-shrill sea of criticism of Obama.”
I think lefty pundits will find if they read the entire book, they’ll agree more with Ben Smith than those who simply read the Cliffs Notes version — Alan Colmes – posted on Media Matters.
And here’s a clip that David gave to CNN’s Kiran Chetry from this morning.


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