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The French Have the Scoop

Le Monde’s Laurent Zecchini is reporting today that the paper has had access to documents showing that Iran has been pursuing a military nuclear program without interruption, contrary to the December 3, 2007, American intelligence report saying Tehran had ceased such work. The paper outlines the documents in details, including the news that on February 25, “the Deputy Director General of the International Agency Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Olli Heinonen, provided proof of the existence of the Iranian military nuclear program.’ The proof was confirmed by Iran’s former Ambassador to Syria. Lots of good detail and worth wading through, right to the end, where French diplomats call the December U.S. intelligence report, suspected at the time of being politically motivated by insiders trying to undercut the Bush administration’s anti-Iranian policies, an example of a “major malfunction.” That’s putting it politely.

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