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The Future of the Times: Slim Has Inside Track?

Via Newser:

As the countdown begins—Fortune reports that David Geffen and Google have looked at buying a stake in the Times at its current depressed price—there are two avid buyers and then a more reserved one. The avids are Carlos Slim and Rupert Murdoch. The doubtful, but willing-to-be-convinced, buyer is Michael Bloomberg.
The Sulzberger family will have to choose one of these rich men to bail them out—there are a lot of Sulzbergers, the family fortune has all but disappeared, and few of them have jobs. They’ll choose the rich man who mollifies or tricks or seduces them better than the others.

… So far Carlos Slim is, rather astoundingly, the one who is most successfully positioning himself as Arthur’s buddy. Last week Arthur took up his pen (he ought to lie down the next time he gets that urge) to lionize Slim as a man for all seasons. Slim’s game is to bit-by-bit secure, or indenture, increments of the company that, in not so many months, can give him control—all the while assuring Arthur that he is still running the paper. Until, of course, the day he isn’t.


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