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George Allen, Segregationist?

Right after having Sen. Jim Webb on her new MSNBC show on Thursday night, Rachel Maddow trashed the man he beat, former Sen. George Allen. Is this like a video equivalent of a swag bag, like giving Webb a candy bar or a coffee mug to thank him for coming on? Maddow predictably reported and laughed that a GOP racial-outreach rally will have among its speakers Sen. Allen, who due to the Post’s elastic reading of Tunisian dialects and zoo-animal dictionaries, is now apparently forever nationally identified as a racist. Cheap Shot Maddow thought it was fair to compare him to a die-hard segregationist: “You know, the Macaca guy?….What? Lester Maddox wasn’t available?”

Unsurprisingly, when Maddox died in 2003, the TV networks somehow misplaced the word “Democrat” in the stories they did.

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